Terms of use

By continuing to use Instaudio, you agree to these terms.

Instaud.io is intended for sharing your own audio. Therefore, we simply ask that you only use it for sharing material you have the right to distribute, e.g. stuff you made.


Do share your completed music, works in progress, collaboration materials, your own recordings, basically anything you have made and/or have the right to distribute.

Not cool

Do not share anything you don't have the right to distribute. This basically means you shouldn't use this site to illegally spread music or any other protected material.

It comes down to not being a dick. So please, be nice.

If we do find any material that doesn't belong (or we are notified as such), we will delete it at our discretion.

If you find a file that breaks these simple rules, you can send us an email. Please provide as much detail as you can, certainly include the full URL and the owner of the rights for the file.

About ownership

Anything you upload on Instaudio remains your own intellectual property; Instaudio does not claim ownership of your uploads. You can detail the licensing of your audio in the description field after uploading. Be aware, however, that anything you upload to Instaudio can be downloaded by anyone that comes across it. If this is not something you want, then perhaps Instaudio is not the right place to upload your work.


Instaudio is not liable for copyright infringement by its users. Please send DMCA notices via email; be sure to include as much information (most importantly the URL) as possible.


Use Instaudio at your own risk. We do not make any warranties about availibility, nor do we make any warranties about the safety of content you download through Instaudio. Instaudio cannot be held liable for any damages you might incur by using or relying on Instaudio.