Privacy policy

By continuing to use Instaudio, you agree to this privacy policy.

As with almost every website, Instaudio collects and stores some information.

Information collected and stored

With and without an account

When you use the site without an account, we track some basic, anonymous metrics such as the pages you visit, your very coarse location, and information about the web browser you are using. This is done through Google Analytics, so this data is stored on Google servers.

When you upload files to the site, we store your IP address; this is used to help combat abuse of the site.

This anonymous information is also tracked when you use the site with an account.

With an account

When you sign up for an account on Instaudio, we collect and store your email address when possible. This is used in case you need to recover your account after losing your password, or when you wish to delete your account.

You have the option to provide your name as well, which is currently used only to address you when you are logged in.

When you sign up via Twitter or Facebook, your real name is collected to populate the name field, when available.

Use of information

Your information is used solely within Instaudio will not be sold, nor given to third parties.

Removing your information

When logged in, you have the option to edit and delete all uploads you have made when logged in under that account. If you have an email address in your account, you may also delete your whole account.

When you delete your account when you still have uploads associated with it, those uploads will remain on the site with no known uploader associated with them. If you do not wish this, delete these uploads before deleting your account.