Self-Deliverance by Bernard Otterman - Interview w KOPN-FM

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In Self-Deliverance: The Death and Life of Arthur Koestler, award winning short-story writer and poet Bernard Otterman takes readers on an exploration of life, death, love, and lust as he explores what happened one fateful night more than three decades ago to Arthur Koestler - one of the most controversial thinkers of the mid-20th century - and his wife Cynthia. Otterman’s illuminating novel fictionalizes how an investigation into their suicides would have unfolded. It also dramatizes the most important elements related to life’s moving forces: love and passion.

In this interview with with Jill Sheets of Columbia, MO's KOPN-FM, recorded on September 30, 2015, Otterman describe the influences behind this novel and why he felt compelled to write it.

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