Obligatory abortion rant mixdown

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Things I'd Like to Say 04: Even if you are opposed to abortion, here’s why you should NOT ban it.
1. Banning Abortion will NOT stop women from having abortions.
Yep, if there is one thing I learned from If These Walls Could Talk, it’s that women will get abortions no matter the restrictions. When it was illegal, women who got abortions were either rendered sterile or died. If that wasn’t enough, places where abortions are illegal tend to have more of them than places where they are legal.
2. Banning Abortion is basically growing the size of government.
Apparently, America’s conservatives haven’t got this memo yet. One would think that by doing that; they would be doing what they bitch at the liberal Left for. Furthermore, if they really wanted to rebuke the progressive movement, they would demand an end to the War on Drugs. (Fun Fact: Drugs used to be legal in this country before 1914.) Speaking of prohibitionist warmongering, is it just me, or is the looming war on lolicon based on hype and not on facts? Seriously, it’s just drawings! No real children were involved in the production of it you fucking idiots.
That’s all I have to say for Things I’d Like to Say. However, I wish the so-called Tea Party and the Republican establishment would look out the window and learn something from this.

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