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Posted by , 10 months ago

A small new feature has just been released, for people who upload to without creating an account: Permanent delete links!

If you upload without being logged in, you can now copy a link to keep safe, which you can use if you want to delete your upload at a later date. You could previously delete uploads without having an account, but only if you did not close your browser between uploading and trying to delete the upload.

Find your link in this box:

Screenshot of an upload on, showing the edit and delete buttons on top, the player interface under that, and at the bottom, a box outlined in orange. In the box there is the following text: "Save this link to delete later". Under that there is a field where a link can be copied from, and a "Copy to clipboard" button. At the very bottom: "Do NOT share this link with anyone. Anyone with this link can delete and edit your upload."

The addition of this delete link means you could potentially delete something years later, as long as you still had that delete link.

Using the delete link takes you to a confirmation page, much like you would see when clicking the delete button after you had just uploaded your audio. You can then either confirm by clicking "delete", or go back to the audio page by clicking "cancel". From there you can also go to "edit" to change anything you normally would.

I hope it proves useful to some.

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Happy, uhm, deleting!