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...and other updates.

Hi there!

It's been a good long while since I've updated anything of note on, but I'm pleased to release this one.

From the boring end, I've entirely rewritten the code behind's player, which should allow for more fancy new features in the future.

Some of you have expressed you would like to have control over the volume of what you're listening to on

So there is now (do I hear a finally?) a volume control in the player. I believe it works quite fine both on desktop computers as well as on mobile browsers.

Other than that, I've tweaked up the style of various bits around the site so everything is just a little bit sleeker. The audio page got some updates in addition to the player itself, namely the addition of a share button and some layout tweaks. Previously the only way to share something was to copy the URL in your browser window; now that process has been simplified.

I have also removed something that had been bugging me for a long while: when clicking around on an audio track to skip around, the URL will now no longer update to indicate the position. This was the old, lazy way to share a specific point in the track. It was problematic in that you then had to click the back button many times to get back to the previous page. Now you can use the share button to share the current time instead – just make sure to tick the checkbox.

Links with the old hash-based (#) time will still work.

I almost forgot, but you can now also play your own uploads right on the page when you go to "Your audio" (only when logged in).

Anyhow, that wraps it up for this update, I hope you enjoy the changes!