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Posted by , over 4 years ago

Over the holidays this year, I've found some time to work on a couple of new things for Instaudio. In terms of actual visible things, this has been since March(!)

Blog / announcements

Up until now, new features and changes have only been announced on Instaudio's social channels (Facebook and Twitter), while they've simply shown up on the website without any documentation.

This blog and announcement system aims to solve that. It can also act as a platform for me to talk about some background things to do with Instaudio, if you're into that sort of thing.

New features and other important announcements will show up as this one does at the top of the site, for 7 days after posting.


In other news, as you have likely already noticed, Instaudio now comes with spectrograms as the backdrop for the progress bar. These provide an interesting visualization of the audio frequencies in your upload. I find that they provide a more interesting picture than waveforms.

Check it out with this example of ascending through 10 octaves with a sine wave, sawtooth wave and square wave:

Screenshot of Instaudio upload titled Spectro

You can listen to this to see the sound correspond to the image here: "Spectro". Be warned though, the high pitch noises aren't pleasant, so keep your volume down.

You can learn more about spectrograms on Wikipedia.

A note on availability of these spectrograms

These spectrograms only show up for uploads after this feature was added, for now. It would be quite expensive (both in terms of money and in processor time) to generate spectrograms for all existing audio.

When you upload your audio, the spectrogram will not show up immediately; it is being generated in the background, and will show up when you reload the page after (usually) around 30 seconds.

I chose to generate the spectrograms in the background to keep the upload process as speedy as you're used to.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new features!

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