Why Louisiana Democrats Suck?

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Things I would Like to Say episode 1: Why Louisiana's Democrats suck?
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Edit: For those who are having trouble making out what I'm trying to say:
Hello all of you double dick-lickers, it's Shane and here are the reasons why Louisiana's Democrats are full of shit:

  1. Education: Assholes like Lamar White, Jr., Clancy DuBos, Elliot Stonecipher, the Landrools, Council for A Better Louisiana (which are nothing but brain-dead libtards), Jarvis DeBerry, and the New Orleans City Council claim they are for quality education. Then why the fuck to they continue to waste money on shitty government-run schools, try to crush all attempts at school choice (which happened to improve New Orleans considerably, I might add), and subsidize higher education, which makes college ass expensive? Oops, guess they don't want Louisiana getting better after all...That, and they don't deserve to be called “pro-choice.”
  2. Black people: If the Dems care about minorities so much, then how can they explain KKK founder Nathaniel Buford Forrest, Lyndon Johnson, our own David Duke, Kenny Knight, and Robert Byrd? Furthermore, why is it that they are content on keeping them poor, trapping them in bad neighborhoods, discouraging hard work via minimum wage laws, raising food prices with farm subsidies, burden entry-level businesses with bullshit red tape, and to add injury to injury, create that crime problem via the War on Drugs, prostitution bans, & keeping them on welfare? OH, I have the answer! They're poverty pimps, the very label that H. K. Edgerton applied to Jesse Jackson, and what Christopher Hitchens referred to Mahatma Gandhi. Is it any surprise why Elbert Guillory of Opelousas ditched them?
  3. The Enviroment: Remember Hurricane Betsy and all of the flooding it caused? Well, the aforementioned President Johnson, along with Edwin Edwards, PH. D in being a Pathological Liar, thought it would be a good idea to have the Army Corps of Engineers build levees on the banks of the Mississippi river to prevent anymore flooding. In reality, that resulted in sediment being flushed into the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in coastal erosion. Wait a minute, it's the Army Corps of Engineers and not the Oil Industry? Oh, fuck me with a rebar dildo!
  4. Corruption: I find it quite ironic of Mr. Stonecipher to call Bobby Jindal's administration the Least Transparent while downplaying the Longs, Edwards, Fields, Nagin, the Morials, Bartholomie, etc. To be fair, I don't like Jindal, but I'll cover the Republicans later.
  5. Drugs: In spite of a Baton Rouge representative, the Louisiana Democrat party still supports the War on Drugs via the Law Enforcement Lobby, Bible beaters, and the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free living. The last thing that Jack Strain and Pat Johnson want is a sharp decrease in the state's inmate population. (Fuck those bastards, and I hope they get a visit from a certain Go Nagai charater...)
  6. Health care: Guess who is opposed to quality healthcare and will make it as difficult as possible to get it? The notion that healthcare should be free and provided by the government is completely retarded. It's not free, you are still paying for it and also retards the quality of care. Therefore, this proves my notion that Socialized Medicine advocates are economic illiterates.
  7. Homosexuality: Last time I checked, it was a Democrat who tried to ban gay marriage and civil unions in this state. Here's a hint to the homosexual community: vote Libertarian! There you have it, this explains why the Democrats are full of shit. Next time, it's the Redpubneckans turn.
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